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Not affiliated, nor are works registered, with the US Copyright Office. Services not equivalent to registration under the Copyright Act.  We document your evidence of copyright.  US Copyright Office registration is NOT required for copyright protection.

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Don't Wait!  The best defense to song theft is certified proof dated BEFORE the theft!
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It's no myth, people steal songs. And while copyright protection is automatic (when a song is first put in tangible form), the problem is PROVING what is copyrighted and when. Which is why you should ALWAYS pro­fes­sionally register songs ASAP!


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If you only have a few songs to register, pay just $29.95total – to submit up to 4 songs at the same time, online. Simple forms, fast service. Or use snail-mail for slightly more.


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If you think you might register more than a few songs, it's just $99.95 to register as many as you like online for 12 full months (sorry, snail mail is not available with this plan).

Only use a trust music registration site to establish copyright


With success comes copy-cats. But don't be fooled by slick imitation sites. We are the ORIGINAL music registration service, with a proven track record. Before you consider any other service, email them! Ask where they're located, who owns them, and how they'll protect your songs. If you don't get good, quick answers, DON'T RISK YOUR MUSIC!

✓ Verify our A+ business rating                      ✓ Parent company founded 1975                      ✓ Headquartered in the U.S.

Endorsed by songwriters and music publishers worldwide

– including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, So. America, Europe, Asia, Australia –
(copyright law recognized in 160+ countries)

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General Info About Music Copyrighting
— this is not legal advice (for that please contact a local attorney)   •   this is public information to help you begin your own due diligence —

→   What Are Your Rights as a Composer?

These rights are known as "intellectual property rights" and are granted by federal law (with more than 160 countries having treaties honoring each country's copyright laws, see our FAQ #9).   These are "ownership" rights that usually attach to the actual songwriters of the original work, both of the music and the lyrics. Among these rights is the exclusive right to basically do whatever you want with the music and songs you write (while no one else can, without your permission or without paying royalties).

If the song has just a single songwriter, figuring out who holds the copyright is pretty simple. But problems can arise when there are multiple composers. If there is no agreement available among multiple composers, the law will generally assume that everyone has an equal interest as joint owners of the copyright. So if you DON'T want it to be that way, make sure you have a separate written agreement which specifies what percentage each songwriter has contributed, or how to otherwise split up the copyright ownership for purposes of future royalties, sale of publishing rights, etc.  We've written a short article on this subject here.
→   Songwriters Under Hire

An exception to the actual composers of the material owning the copyright is when they are "under hire" by someone else. In other words, if the songwriter(s) are employed by someone (or by a company) to specifically write songs for that person or company, then the copyright holder would be that person or company who hired the songwriter(s) to do that (and NOT the songwriter).

→   Length of the Copyright

The owner of the copyright - be it the actual composer(s) or whoever hired them - has exclusive legal rights to all money and benefits from the copyrighted material for a certain period of time. That time can vary from country to country, and can also depend on when and where the material was written. But generally, the life of a copyright usually lasts for about 50 to 70 years AFTER the last original songwriter of the piece has died.
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