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Not affiliated, nor are works registered, with the US Copyright Office. Services not equivalent to registration under the Copyright Act.  We document your evidence of copyright.  US Copyright Office registration is NOT required for copyright protection.

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  check  Don't Put It Off!  Registering songs provides immediate copyright evidence of your tangible-form dates.
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It's no myth, music does get stolen! Copyright is automatic (when original work is put in tangible form), but the problem is proving that copyright. So ALWAYS document your songs professionally (as soon as possible).


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6 reasons we're #1 with composers in 55 countries:  ➀ A+ business rating  ➁ Amazing customer support  ➂ Instant documents  ➃ Top level security  ➄ Money back guarantee.  ➅ Our CEO is a licensed attorney with 40 yrs experience.*


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If you have a lot of songs to register, register as many as you like for just $99.95, using our Online Uploader.


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Over the years, others have tried to copy us. But we are the original – with a proven track record (see Song Libraries). So before considering a copy-cat site, email them! Ask who owns them, their location, how they'll protect you. If you don't get good, quick answers, don't risk your music!


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✓ Verify our A+ business rating                      ✓ Parent company founded 1975                      ✓ Headquartered in the U.S.

Endorsed by songwriters and music publishers in more than 55 countries!

 including the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia     •     copyright law recognized in 160+ countries 

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General Info About Music Copyrighting
— this is not legal advice (for that please contact a local attorney)   •   this is public information to help you begin your own due diligence —

→   What Is Needed For Copyright Protection?

Many people, even some lawyers not familiar with copyright law, are thoroughly confused over the actual copyright process.  While it's true that songs are automatically copyrighted as soon as they are first put into tangible (physical) form, proving that you in fact have protection under copyright law is an entirely different matter!

"Tangible form" can be just about anything: Writing down your song on a piece of paper, recording your music or song onto a CD, making a video or audio computer file of original material (such as an mp3 version). Original material is technically "copyrighted" – meaning copyright protection attaches – from that moment on, without you having to do anything else! NO registration with the government is required.  NO mailing copies to yourself. NO registering with a third party company is required!

But PROVING that you really wrote the original material, and when you wrote it, can be a huge problem (and usually is). So registering your material, as soon after writing it as possible, is not just a good idea, it's also the best way to ensure you have the necessary evidence to prove that you wrote the music first – which is almost always the key element in copyright disputes.
→   The Poor Man's Copyright

Which brings up the issue of what many call the "poor man's copyright." This is when a person mails a song he or she has just written to his or her own address and then doesn't open the envelope. The idea is that the postmark (or registered letter date) is supposed to act as "proof" of when the song inside the envelope was written.  But...     We strongly recommend you DON'T rely on this method to protect your work! It is more a myth than reality. This is because (a) contrary to popular belief, no one we know has EVER found even a single court case when this has actually worked, EVER, and (b) there are very good reasons WHY it doesn't work:

The reasons center around what lawyers call "problems of proof" and authentication.  First, it's just too easy to tamper with an envelope without it looking like you did, so don't expect the Court to find that your "sealed" and "postmarked" envelope is "admissible evidence" — It almost certainly won't be. Second, there are too many ways to "game" the system using this technique. And third, your only "witnesses" for authenticating this technique are you, your own equipment, and/or your friends - all "biased" and untrustworthy witnesses under the law.  We've written an article on this subject describing more problems with the "poor man's copyright myth" here.
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