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      In the late 1970's, a young attorney fresh out of law school began representing budding musicians. His first shock was learning how little songwriters worried about protecting their work. Realizing they needed a simple, inexpensive way to protect themselves, the idea behind SongRegistration was born.

      The initial concept was simple:  Help songwriters establish copyright evidence quickly, easily, and cheaply — and without hiring a lawyer — because that's the only way most musicians would bother taking steps to protect themselves.

      Today, SongRegistration is the global leader in independent music registration, serving composers, musicians and publishers worldwide (and copyright law is recognized in more than 160 countries, see FAQ #9) — earning an A+ rating from the largest business rating bureau.

      Yet despite its tremendous growth and popularity, it has never lost sight of that original mission: Providing a fast, easy, inexpensive way to help songwriters safeguard their songs...  giving them what they need most:  Artistic Peace of Mind.

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Credentials:   SongRegistration's founder and CEO, Peter C. Goldberger, recognized the potential of the Internet early on. Although a licensed attorney, he eventually left his law practice to pursue Internet-related ventures. In the mid-90's his company pioneered some of the very first online special-interest websites. Over the years, his sites have served millions of web visitors worldwide, covering subjects ranging from law and medicine, to search engines, real estate, travel, and music — earning international awards and A+ ratings.

* Use of this site is limited to song registration services only and no legal advice, services or representation of any kind is offered. If you need advice regarding copyright law please check with a licensed professional in your area (please read our User Terms).