About Our Business Rating:

We've earned an A+ rating from the biggest business bureau in the world (we are listed as "not accredited" only because we do not pay annual dues — this is NOT negative, see below — it just means we have chosen not to seek official membership).

Why don't we pay dues?  Simple.  We feel paying dues to the same entity that "rates" you poses a conflict of interest.

But here's how to check our A+ rating:

- Simply click onto the BBB's website (bbb.org),
- Enter "SongRegistration.com"
- Then click the link that reads: "Read Report on this Business."

Just remember, "Not an Accredited Member" only means we don't pay dues. We do, however, strictly comply with all Bureau guidelines for customer service.

[As you can see from the report, in our many years in business we've had only ONE complaint — because the user forgot to check his emails to see our requests for more information. Once aware of his concern, we immediately refunded his fee. We always offer a 100% "no questions asked" money-back guarantee.]