III.  Common Questions

1. Do I get paperwork?

  →  Yes. Your Registration Affidavit is automatically emailed immediately after you send us your original material – and you can also print an online copy too.

2. Is my registered work published online?

  →  We don't publish your actual songs (so hackers can't steal them), only important registration information about them (your name, titles, registration dates and numbers). For examples, click the "Find Songs" tab at the top of any of our pages.

3. How can I contact you?

  →  Use either the 'Questions' tab in the right margin, or click here (since we deal with legal issues, we must handle all customer support by email so everything can be documented, but we respond promptly).

4. If I don't renew my annual Unlimited Plan, is my stuff still registered?

  →  Absolutely! Renewing only affects registering NEW material.

5. Can I register lyrics only?

  →  Yes. Just leave the "music-by" box blank.

6. Can I mail in my tunes instead of uploading them?

  →  Yes if you use the $29.95 Plan (instructions here).  No if you use the $99.95 Unlimited Plan.

7. What formats can I upload?

  →  All formats are listed here.

8. I'm having trouble paying, registering, or uploading.

  →  Check our HELP section here (or bottom of any page). If that doesn't work, contact us here.

9. I still have questions.

  →  Before contacting us, read our more extensive FAQ and Terms section here.