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Because we deal with legal documents and related issues, all communications must be memorialized in writing. That is why all customer service must be handled by email rather than phone.

But we usually respond within the hour and guarantee to resolve any problem you may be having, or we'll immediately refund your fee — no questions asked!

(We've also included a backup email address below if for
some reason your message to our regular email address is returned.)

Specific Issues:
      •   Having problems uploading your songs?  Or need a converter?  click here.
      •   Can't find your Affidavit (and checked ALL email folders)?  Just email us.
      •   To mail us your songs (CD or papers),  click here.

General Questions:
      •   To email us directly,   click here.      

. . . and since sometimes messages simply gets bounced for no reason . . .
If you don't hear from us within 6 hours,   use this alternate email address

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