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Registering Songs — Stage Name or Real Name?

We're often asked whether to list one's real name or stage name when registering songs.

And while we can't give you legal advice (and you're always free to register how ever you'd like), we do recommend using your real (legal) name on the forms – for one good reason: It's much easier for you to prove your identify in court should a dispute ever arise!

Stage name or real name?
Can you prove your stage name?

Remember, documenting your work has nothing to do with what you present to your audience. What's important for claiming ownership of your songs IS MAKING SURE YOU -- AND YOU ALONE -- are associated with your material.

And we think one's real name is the safest way to do that.   What you call yourself in front of audiences is an entirely different matter.

But, again, it's up to you!  If you feel you must use your stage name (or add it as an "aka" after your real name), go ahead!  Just be sure you have some way to prove – as easily as possible – that YOU are in fact the stage name you claim to be.

Otherwise, use your real name on the forms (and your stage name on stage and on album covers).

For more tips on songwriting, go to our Blog or Facebook page (linked at the bottom of our pages).

- nothing herein is to be construed as legal advice; always check with an attorney before relying on legal information -

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