II.  How Much It Costs  -  How Long It Takes

$29.95  —  Up to 4 songs submitted together online

$99.95  —  Register as many as you want††

Both plans include:

 Your Certified Affidavit delivered INSTANTLY

 Secure storage of all registered material and registration documents

 Online, dated publication of titles and name of Registrar

 Evidence of your copyrighted material is binding from the moment we receive it!

 The Best Customer Support on the Planet!

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Not affiliated, nor are works registered, with US Copyright Office. Services not equivalent to registration under the Copyright Act. Library of Congress registration is NOT required for copyright protection, as this is automatic when original work is first in tangible form. We document this evidence.

Songs must be submitted at the same time and be on one Affidavit. Once the Affidavit is issued, the fee is used whether you've submitted 1, 2, 3 or 4 songs. Also, if you mail in your songs (rather than upload them online), there is a nominal mail-in fee.

†† The Unlimited Plan has a one-year submission period and a whopping 500-song maximum (which comes to only 20¢ each).  And even if you don't renew when your year is up, everything already registered in that period remains registered. Renewal only affects future registrations.