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Beware:  The Service You Choose Matters!

Not All Registration Services Are The Same

During the nearly 2 decades SongRegistration® has been serving composers, other copy-cat sites pop up now and then. Most eventually disappear — along with your song records — so it's important you research them carefully, since they may not be providing the protection or services you think.

A few examples:

thumbs-down!  One heavily advertised site entices you with a small monthly fee and "blockchain* technology" — but requires never-ending recurring payments!
The Copyright Office never asks for monthly payments, so why should any service?
And if you try ending your auto-payments (which is not easy), THEY DELETE YOUR SONGS AND END ALL SUPPORT. They claim you can still be protected, but once all your files are deleted, there's no way to prove your song content! Sadly, these details aren't revealed until you try canceling your ongoing fees.
So unless you're prepared to make payments forever, this may not be your best choice.
* Beware of blockchains that are unsupported, unaccessible, private, or non-existent.

thumbs-down! Another service teases you with unrealistic low fees per song, then provides no means for authenticating your songs should a copyright dispute arise — making your registration useless when it matters most.

thumbs-down!  A third heavily promoted site lists a U.S. address but states (in very fine print) that they operate under Greek law — which you are then forced to use! This means traveling to Greece in the event of a copyright dispute.

We are not making this up. Check these services yourself. And if you can't find the details you're looking for (such as no public registries available, or no explanation of what happens if you cancel your membership), don't waste your money — or risk your precious music!

SongRegistration® has been in business far longer than any of these copy-cats. We have the longest proven track record (by far) with hundreds of thousands of registrations worldwide. No one else has the experience, reputation, or global reach, nor offers these vital features:

1. Songs authenticated by date and content.
2. Strict chain-of-custody protocol.
3. Continued support with NO monthly fees.

No long term commitment. No gimmicky blockchain distractions masking no real protection. An A+ BBB rating and worldwide song registries. That's our commitment to you!

Because a wrong registration decision can cost you your songs!

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And if not completely satisfied,
we always offer a money-back guarantee!

Nothing herein is legal advice. Always check with an attorney before relying on legal info.

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