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Before entrusting your original music to online registration services, COMPARE!
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1.  Will the registration service be here for you in the
         future (when you need them)?
(parent company in
business 41 years)
(most online
less than 2 yrs)
2.  Does the site really know how to legally preserve
         documents and songs?
(CEO, licensed attorney)*
3.  Has the site been rated by a trustworthy bureau? Yes
(A+ Rating)
4.  Where is the company located? U.S.
(coverage worldwide)
5.  Are the site's "testimonials" real? Yes
(can't fake
FB reviews)
6.  Do you get an actual sworn affidavit, under penalty
         of perjury, verifying your submissions?
Yes No
7.  Can the public see your registered song titles online? Yes No
8.  Is there an option for mailing in your songs? Yes* ?
9.  How stable are the registration fees charged? Never changed Constantly
10.  Are there any extra charges? Never Legal fees?
11.  Do you get a money-back guarantee? Always ?
* Mail-in option NOT available for Unlimited Submissions Program – online uploader must be used.
SongRegistration™ does not offer legal advice.