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SongRegistration® has provided music registration services far longer than any other online provider. So stick with the ORIGINAL. Your music is too important.

Registering songs is fast, easy, cheap, and secure. No recurring payments. No auto-pay. One low fee. Unmatched customer support.
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If you have a few songs to register, submit up to 4 at the same time for just $29.95 TOTAL. One fee, simple forms, fast online service, and the best customer support available anywhere.
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If you have a lot of songs to register, or may in the future, submit up to 500 over one FULL YEAR for just $99.95 total. You can even pay that in installments. And when your year is up, songs remain registered even if you don't renew.
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Register 1-4 Songs
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—  Common Questions  —

Absolutely! Your Registration Affidavit is emailed immediately after you send us your songs. You are also directed to an additional online copy, which you can print or save the link for future use.

Yes — as long as your material is original, copyright protection attaches by law as soon as it is first put into tangible form. We memorialize those key elements for you. For more info, click here and also read our FAQ #4.

Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our pages, or click here. (Since we deal with legal issues, all customer support is handled by email so everything can be documented, but we respond promptly.)

We don't publish your actual songs (so no one can steal them), only important registration information about them (your name, song titles, registration dates and numbers). To access that, click the "Find Songs" tab on our home page.

All formats are listed here. But if yours isn't listed, just Google "free online converter" to convert it to either mp3 or other accepted format.

The $29.95 fee buys one Affidavit, which can hold up to 4 song files, whether you use all 4 song slots or not. So that single fee applies whether 1, 2, 3, or 4 songs are submitted together. (Songs submitted after the Affidavit is issued require a new Affidavit and new fee.)

Absolutely! Renewing only affects registering NEW songs.

Yes. Just leave the "music by" box blank on the forms.

Yes – if you use the $29.95 Plan (click here for instructions).
No – if you use the annual $99.95 plan (Prime members must use the online Uploader).

Check our HELP section here (or any red HELP button or link). Or contact us here.

In 2018, the U.S. passed the Music Modernization Act which created a new database for collecting royalties from streaming services. To learn more, click here.

First, see if our HELP or FAQ sections answer your question. If not, please just contact us (see #3 above).

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