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A New Agency For Collecting Royalties

In 2018 the Music Modernization Act was passed into law in the U.S. Among other things, this authorized the creation of a new agency called the Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC).

The MLC Beginning in January 2021, this agency is tasked with collecting royalties from eligible streaming and download services and paying them to songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers.

Joining this organization is NOT required to secure copyright protection!

But if you eventually intend to provide your music to any such platform, and/or if you'd like your material to have additional public notice exposure, here are some links to learn more and help you fill out the forms:

•   What Is The MCL?:  click here
•   What's A Self-Administered Songwriter?:  click here
•   MLC Fact Sheets:  click here
•   MLC Webinars:  click here
•   MLC FAQ's:  click here
•   For general MLC info:  click here

Initial Steps For Joining The MLC

Although entry into this database is not mandatory, nor necessary for basic copyright protection, here are the first steps you'll need to take:

1.  First, collect the following information:

a.  As a songwriter, make sure you get an IPI number (by signing up with any Performing Rights Organization (PRO), such as BMI or ASCAP.   TIP: BMI doesn't charge a signup fee.

b.  If you have a publisher, make sure you also have its IPI number.

c.  If multiple composers, draft up a share-splits agreement.

d.  Make a list of all your song titles, and if you have sound recordings also include artists names and ISRCs.   TIP: you can buy ISRC numbers here:

2.  Once you have this information, you can start The MLC membership process HERE.

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