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If you'd rather mail us your music...
(with check or debit/credit card)

        NO tapes or videos accepted   •   Submitted material cannot be returned        

Mail-in's are NOT available with the Unlimited Plan!
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Otherwise Your Registration May Be Delayed


First, we encourage you to UPLOAD your songs, rather than mail them in — for these reasons:

1. You receive your Affidavit INSTANTLY (rather than waiting up to 2 weeks for processing).

2. It's cheaper (the total mail-in fee is $39.95 per batch — if you upload it's $29.95).

3. You'll save the time and expense of postage and packaging.



Uploading is simple!  In fact, when you mail us a CD or paper, we just manually upload them for you.

>  If you have a CD, you just need to "rip" your songs before using the UPLOADER.  It should take just a minute or two, and then you can load the songs directly onto our uploader!    Here's how:
            For Windows

            For Mac / iTunes

>  If your songs are on paper, just use a scanner (or a friend's all-in-one printer), or have them scanned at a postal store -- and put into PDF format.  Then you can load those directly onto our uploader!

>  If your songs are in video or wav formats, you can get a free audio converter by just Googling "free audio converters." There are hundreds of them. Then convert your files to either .mp3 or .wma formats, which will work with the uploader.


Here's what to do:

 1.     Print these 4 forms:   →       Forms

           a)  The first 2 forms are REQUIRED (the last 2 are only needed IF you're sending a CD or paying by credit card).

           c)  For songs on CD:   Do NOT send separate lyrics if you can hear the lyrics in the audio!

           b)  For songs on PAPER:   8x11 PAPER  /  ONE-SIDE ONLY  /  NO STAPLES  /  BLACK INK — and read bottom footnote*.

 2.     Mail the forms with your CD or PAPER to:
      PMB 342
      7660 Fay Avenue, Suite H
      La Jolla, CA 92037

 3.     Allow 2 weeks for processing.  Your Affidavit is then EMAILED to you.

(If you also order PAPER copies, they can only be mailed to the U.S. or Canada.)

* Remember, if you want evidence of copyright for your ENTIRE song – you must send us BOTH words and music! That means either sheet music on paper (not just chord progressions) or a CD (on which you can hear both words and music). If you only send lyrics but no music, only the lyrics are registered (not the melody), and vice versa!

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