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Unlimited Submissions Program
—  for submitting LOTS of songs  —

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The lowest-priced plan available anywhere!

You can even pay later, without interest, using
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The Unlimited Plan has a one-year submission period and a 500-song maximum (which comes to only 20¢ each).
And if you don't renew when your year is up, everything already registered remains registered. Renewal only affects future registrations.

money-back guarantee
Any catches?   No!     Just 3 simple rules:

1.  Only YOU, the copyright owner, can register material this way  (no shared accounts or passwords)
2.  All song files must be submitted using our Online Uploader  (no email attachments or mail-in's)
3.  There is a 500-song maximum per year per Unlimited Plan  (which is still only 20¢ per song!)

Why use SongRegistration? A+ business rating
• Consistent industry leader
• Proven track record
• NO automatic payments EVER
(renew only if you want)
• 100% money-back guarantee

To sign up, just agree to the terms below, then click this button to pay your fee.  And that's it!

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You'll choose a password, then log in to submit your songs — as many, and whenever you want!
       •  All song content and documents are securely archived, available to you or your attorney anytime.
       •  After you finish uploading, you can immediately print your new Registration Affidavit(s)!
       •  You also receive extra copies by email INSTANTLY!


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Unlimited Submissions Terms  (in addition to our general Terms of Use):
  • "Unlimited Submissions" is NOT transferable.  Unauthorized use by anyone but YOU – the lawful, registered copyright owner of the material – will result in termination from the Program and deletion of all submissions (IP addresses ARE recorded).

  • The $99.95 fee covers one year of unlimited submissions, up to a maximum of 500 songs. To register above that maximum per year, you can sign up for a second Plan anytime. Each year you will be reminded to renew — although you don't have to, and we do NOT take any automatic payments from your credit card.  Material already registered REMAINS registered, even if you later don't renew. Non-renewal only prevents you from submitting future registrations.

  • All musical pieces must be submitted using our Online Uploader ONLY (no mail-in's or email attachments). We are always available to assist in using the Uploader.  For mail-in's or email attachments please use our standard ($29.95) registration plan.

  • You will be able to print your registration documents instantly. You are also emailed an extra copy automatically when your uploads are complete. Your documents will include: (a) registrar's name and address, (b) titles and song files, (c) submission date and time, (d) composer names, (e) originating IP address and (f) locater-ID of your material in our registered archives.

  • SongRegistration™ maintains certified copies of your documents and all registered work, always available to you upon request.

  • If you cannot find your emailed Affidavit, please do NOT re-upload the same song(s) to get a new one. Look for it in your Spam/Trash folder — and always save the link to your online Affidavit (where you are sent when your upload completes). Re-uploading identical songs may result in suspension of services.

  • By signing up for this program you agree to these terms and our general Terms.

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