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Copyright Your Songs and Music for Free ???

One of the most common things that songwriters search for online, is how to copyright (not copywrite) songs and music for free.

But as the saying goes, nothing in life is really free (or "you get what you pay for") ...

Actually that's not technically true. Your actual song copyright itself IS free (since the copyright protection legally attaches automatically, as soon as you put your songs and music into physical form).

So the short and technical answer to "How do I copyright my song for free?" is that – as soon as you've actually written it all down, you HAVE!

Of course "technically" having a song copyright, and being able to prove you do – that a song is really yours and you own the rights to it if somebody tries stealing it – ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS...

To prove your song copyright you'll need INDEPENDENT EVIDENCE (so DON'T use "the poor man's copyright" – click here to read why not).

Meaning, if you take your music seriously, you need to REGISTER your songs with an established, reliable music registration service, such as or the Copyright Office.

For more information, you can get our Free Copyright Information Packet emailed to you by just visiting our site and clicking the link at the bottom!  You can also review the tens of thousands of songwriters and music publishers from more than 55 different countries who have registered their original material with us over the years.

As best we can tell however, there are NO reputable companies offering song registration completely for free!   One way or the other, either through a "membership fee," "annual dues," "sign-up fees," or just an honest registration fee (as with us), any reputable company MUST charge you something to stay in business, process your order, and store your songs and documentation.

So don't expect any free rides (and if one is offered, BEWARE).   But what we can offer is the LOWEST price possible to register and maintain your songs.   Reliable, proven music registration services – no gimmicks.

Happy songwriting!
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- nothing herein is to be construed as legal advice; always check with an attorney before relying on legal information -

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