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Don't Wait!  The best defense to song theft is certified proof dated BEFORE the theft!

check Registration preserves the 2 key elements for proving copyright:  Content & Tangible-form Date
check Documents Returned INSTANTLY     Worldwide Coverage     A+ Business Rating — the Music Registration Service!

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It's no myth, songs do get stolen. And while copy­right protection is automatic (first in tangible form), the problem is proving it – WHAT is copy­righted and WHEN. So always pro­fes­sionally register your work right away!



A few reasons we're #1 worldwide:   A+ business rating. Superior customer support. Instant documents. Top level security. Money-back guarantee. CEO is licensed attorney (40 yrs exp).*



If you only have a few songs to register, as long as you upload them at the same time (1-4), you pay just $29.95total.  Simple forms, fast service. Or use snail-mail for slightly more.



If you have A LOT to register, it's just $99.95 to register as much material as you want for one full year!  Whenever you have more work to submit, just log in anytime!


Don't be fooled by slick imitation sites. We are the ORIGINAL, with a proven track record. So before considering another service, email them! Ask who owns them, where they're located, how they'll protect your work. If you don't get good, quick answers, DON'T RISK YOUR MUSIC!

Submit 1 to 4 songs together - $29.95

Submit unlimited songs - $99.95

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* SongRegistration.comTM does not provide legal advice or legal services and registers all songs in its own archives, thereby preserving a dated, fixed record of their tangible form.  By using this site, you agree to all Terms of Use.    For address info, Click Here.

The Unlimited Plan has a one-year submission period and a 500-song annual maximum. Even if you don't renew when your year is up, everything already registered remains registered. Renewal only affects future registrations.